Women’s Wisdom and Yoga Circle

If you are a woman who loves to be in your body, to dance, stretch, enjoy Yoga poses, and if your heart and soul also call out for nourishment, then this circle is for you.

So many women today are extremely busy with meaningful work and personal commitments, giving so much to others, going through deep transformation and learning in their lives. Where is the place for restoration and healing, the place to find the deep inner knowing of our own truth and have that be powerfully affirmed?

This circle provides an opportunity for women to come together to share their stories, to move together, and to help each other access their deepest truth. Enjoy:

* Yoga poses to open your body
* Sacred dance to touch the spirit
* Guided visualization to access inner guidance
* Journaling to clarify messages received
* Giving and receiving support to touch the heart

“I could have gone on gossiping about my husband, drifting gradually away from him. This circle has bolstered my commitment to love unconditionally. I’m so glad the circle has brought me back to remembering what is most important in my life.” ~ Barbara Banez, Current Participant

“Of all the activities for growth that I’m doing in my life — dance classes, therapy, and more — this is what I look forward to the most each month. I know I will be completely supported. Combining emotional and soul work with body work helps me connect inside and share more deeply.” ~ Amy Dewey, Current Participant

OK ~ ~ ~ HERE’S A TESTIMONIAL FROM MY HUSBAND: “I like knowing that Laura is in a women’s circle. After each circle she is more alive, her eyes shine brightly, she’s centered, and she’s ready to be present with me. She claims, strengthens, and honors her femininity in a way that makes our relationship even more juicy and fun.” Dr. Jim Otis, My Husband!

Details: Meets the Second Sunday of each month, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Upcoming dates: Sundays:  April 10, May 8, June 12, July 9, August 13, September 11.  Location: Emeryville Health and Wellness Center, 1240 Powell St. at Vallejo.

Investment: The group is $180 for six-month’s participation.  ($270 value.)

Laura’s Money-Back Guarantee. If you attend your first circle and it doesn’t feel absolutely delicious to you (for any reason) simply let me know within 24 hours and I will refund your investment 100%.

Call Laura at 510-418-3386 or send an email to register.

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