Workshops and Presentations by Dr. Laura Cornell

An inspiring speaker, Laura touches audiences with her heart-felt approach to Yoga history and philosophy.  Her vision of Yoga as healing and empowering enables practitioners to follow their inner guides to create actions that heal and bless the world.  Drawing from engaging stories — taken from both the history of Yoga and from her own personal experience — Laura is sure to delight and captivate your audience.  For longer workshops, Laura combines embodied practice, such as movement, Yoga poses, and dance, with Soul Work, such as journaling, sharing, and ritual, creating a transformative experience of the topic at hand.

Sample topics:
* The Moon Salutation: Awakening the Healing Wisdom of the Feminine in Yoga
* Green Yoga: Harnessing the Ancient Roots of Yoga to Address Contemporary Eco-Crisis and Transition
* Green Yoga:  Stories on Nature from the Yoga Tradition
* A Fresh Look at Yoga Philosophy:  Activating the Inner Wisdom of the Body for Healing, Empowerment, and Contribution