Private Lessons/ Yoga for Beginners

In a private lesson you will receive individual attention to help you achieve your health goals. A private lesson may draw from the following elements:

* Personalized Yoga instruction and practice
* Supportive discussion and coaching
* Guidance in therapeutic Yoga poses
* Accessing inner wisdom and healing

Each session will focus on several poses chosen to address your needs on that particular day. Hands-on guidance and feedback help you to engage key muscles, practice with correct and safe alignment, expand the breath into the pose, and deepen your internal experience.

You will receive written notes after each session, allowing you to extend the benefits of the sessions through home practice. As your body gets stronger and more supple over time, the recommendations given will also change, allowing your practice to grow as you grow.

Home Practice Consultation

If you already practice Yoga on a daily basis, you will receive feedback to improve your current routine. If you are new to home practice, you will receive practical advice and assistance to get started.

Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching is a creative process that involves assessment, personalized recommendations, and supportive discussion to help you reach your goals. Often, you are clear on the changes you would like to make, but simply need help to remove blocks, either internal or external, that are in the way.

Coaching can draw from the following elements:

* Determining your Ayurvedic body-mind type. You will receive personalized recommendations for exercise, daily routine, and diet to balance your type.
* Assessing your overall fitness and wellness program and receiving support to improve weak areas.
* Guidance in starting and maintaining a meditation practice.
* Discussion and support for improving sleep patterns.

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