Heal Your Soul, Heal The Planet


It’s Laura here.  For those of you who want to be on my call for Earth Day, you can still grab a spot.  This call is free, but you do need to let me know if you want to listen in.

Basically, I’m offering this call because I realized it was time to share all that I learned in the process of founding a major Yoga-based non-profit, as well as facilitating OTHER YOGA TEACHERS in birthing THEIR new curricula and projects.

People have been asking me for years how I did it, so it’s time for me to actually let others know.  Offering our gifts and seeing them come to fruition is incredibly SATISFYING, but it’s not always easy.  I hear many people share the frustration of having a vision that they don’t know how to implement.

I hear others who say their family thinks they’re crazy, and they long for more community and support.  Still others don’t know how to make ends meet financially as they move towards their vision.

The world needs YOU to birth your gifts, and to stay clear, grounded, and loving in the process!

So for the benefit of this BEAUTIFUL PLANET, in honor of Earth Day, please join me on this free teleseminar: Heal Your Soul Heal the Planet: A Yoga-Based System to Birth Your Gifts into the World.

It’s happening THURSDAY, APRIL 21at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Please join me on the call live or listen later via download. Reserve your spot by sending me an email: Click here.

On the call I’ll share:

~ A 7-step system, grounded in Yoga philosophy, for co-creating (with the life force of the planet!) actions that HEAL AND BLESS THE EARTH and everyone on it.

~ How to balance your own personal needs — such as for income, health care, or rest — with the needs of the project you are birthing.

~ The three most powerful ways to get clear on WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK.

I look forward to including you on the call.

Blessings, LauraLaura in Butterfly Pose

Laura Cornell, PhD

P.S. If you can’t make the call live, you can download the recording later.  But you do need to register in either case.  To receive call-in and download information: Click here.

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