The Moon Salutation: Expression of the Feminine in Body, Psyche, Spirit

Coming Summer 2011

This book describes the physical, energetic, and psychological aspects of the Moon Salutation. Learn why it is so beneficial during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause and how it can balance your Hatha Yoga practice at all times of the month.

The book shows how the creation of the Moon Salutation grew from the inclusion of women into the practice of Yoga, an arena from which they had previously been excluded. The book provides variations of the Moon Salutation that may be practiced safely for differing levels of Yoga practitioners.

“What a wonderful gift! I love what you have written and I will use your book both in my own practice and my teaching.”
Deva Parnell, Senior Kripalu Yoga teacher
and co-creator of the Moon Salutation
“This book is beautifully written and movingly describes the process and deeper meaning of the Moon Salutation.”
Carol Christ, author of
She Who Changes

and Rebirth of the Goddess
“This book is full of knowledge, love, and respect for the female. I am going to be sharing this treasure with my students and peers for years to come.”
Barbara Badger, Yoga teacher, Indianapolis, Indiana
“What an informed and inspiring project you have given to the Yoga community! I’ve been doing the Moon Salutation with a private client who has congenital hip issues and is unable to do the Sun Salutation. She really likes it. Me too!”
Kei Harris, Yoga teacher, San Jose, California
“The Moon Salutation book is wonderful. This is important work. Thanks for sharing it with all.”
Elaine Emily, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
and Quaker Elder
“I completely enjoyed your book! It’s fascinating reading and heartfelt.”
Kait Philbin, Yoga teacher, Palo Alto, California

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2 Responses to The Moon Salutation: Expression of the Feminine in Body, Psyche, Spirit

  1. Breeda Ryan says:

    I am so looking forward to reading your book.
    I have been teaching the moon salutation for a number of years. I found it to be an incredible support during menopause and am now teaching a Sunday Sadhana class based on this practice. Blessings

  2. Satya says:


    Great to know about the book written by you and I look forward having one for myself and incorporating the values shared by you in it. I have been teaching yoga for the past many years and we in particular practice moon salutations on full moon days.

    OM Tat Sat

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