Laura Cornell, PhD, is a midwife for healing transformation, helping people who are inspired to make a difference birth their gifts into the world.  Laura works as a scholar, author, teacher, visionary, and coach, inspiring others to love themselves fully through the practice of Yoga, and to move from there towards healing the planet.

As Founder of the Green Yoga Association, Laura spurred a national movement towards Green Yoga studios, inspired thousands to move away from toxic Yoga mats, and produced two major conferences raising awareness about the connections between ecology and Yoga. She also lead a year-long research project with six yoga teachers on integrating Green Yoga into teaching and practice, and initiated the Green Yoga Teacher Leadership program.  Laura’s Green Yoga work was featured in Yoga Journal, Yogi Times, L.A. Yoga, and Common Ground Magazines.

In her Yoga teaching, Laura offers open-hearted practice, compassionate acceptance, and soul-nourishment. She encourages students of all levels to care for their own bodies as their first step in caring for the planet.  She is author of The Moon Salutation: Expression of the Feminine in Body, Psyche, Spirit, slated for release in summer 2011.

Laura is adjunct faculty in the Asian and Comparative Studies Department at The California Institute of Integral Studies and facilitates the Institute’s Certificate in Yoga Philosophy.

She holds a doctorate in Religion and Philosophy, and additional degrees in East-West Psychology and physics.

Laura has led workshops at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the Yoga Philosophy Program of Loyola Marymount University, the Integral Yoga Teachers Conference and the MC Mehta Center and Mahatma Gandhi Peace Center in India.