Laura in Butterfly PoseThe planet today needs each one of us to contribute our best selves. Whether your work is in the family, the Yoga studio, or the greater world, I welcome you to radiant health, joy, and fulfillment through Yoga.

Whatever your current level of health, Yoga can absolutely help you improve it. Even more, Yoga will connect you with the guidance of your soul, bringing untold peace and strength to your life.

I invite you to step into your greatness through:

* Healing your body with easy-to-implement tools
* Loving yourself deeply through compassionate guidance
* Empowering yourself to make the contribution you were born to make.

If you are interested in Yoga for Beginners, Start Here.
If you need specialized instruction in Yoga Therapy, Start Here.
If you want to learn The Moon Salutation or want Yoga for Women, Start Here.
If you are passionate about Yoga and Ecology (Green Yoga), Start Here.

Blessings, and “see” you soon! ~ Laura